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Our Purpose

  1. To promote and support College Park High School Boys Soccer program.

  2. To assist, as needed, in any College Park Boys Soccer activity.

  3. To develop and promote good fellowship, encourage sportsmanship, and support activities and programs for the benefit of the College Park Boys Soccer team.

  4. To raise funds and purchase personal property and services to be used for the benefit of the Boys Soccer program at College Park High School.

Executive Board Members

President:  Teri Bateman


Vice President:  Daniel LaBry

Treasurer​:  Altura Giovannelli


Secretary:  Jennifer Blackman

Committee Chairs

Apparel:  Holly Schipper

Banquet: Gail Alfred

Concessions: Ryan Erickson

Social Media & Web:  Brigid Ward

Spirit Nights: Bridget Fitzgerald

Sponsorships: VACANT

College Park Boys Soccer is supported by the Cavalier Boys Soccer Booster Club. We are located in The Woodlands, TX.

The Booster Club is dedicated to serving the soccer program at College Park High School. The Booster Club actively organizes and participates in various fundraising activities to assist the soccer program in meeting its needs and desires. The Booster club equally represents all Freshman, JV, and Varsity Boys' teams. 

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